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PTFE Fabric, Heat Fabric

  • 3A3009

  • Brown, Black, White, Red, Blue etc.

Description: the PTFE fabric, Heat Fabric and tape are coated PTFE under high quality glassfiber fabric with good temperature resistance, excellent chemical corrosion resistant & electrical properties, low friction characteristics. It can be used under the temperature of -140°C to 260°C, which has the capability of weather resistant and age resistant. Under practical situation of 250°C for 200 days, not only the intensity will not decrease, the weight will not reduce; 350°C for 120 hours, the weight only decreased less than 0.6%; -140°C, it will not chap and keep the original pliability. Resist acid, alkali, aqua fortis and various kinds of organic liquid corrosion almost to resisting all kinds of medicament. Hardly to adhere any material, it is easy to wash away the blot or other dust such as resin, coating material etc.



material: glassfiber coated PTFE

quality: premium grade

color: brown, black, white, red, blue etc.

surface: smooth, porous

temperature resist: -140°C - +260°C

adhesive: agree on one side

High Temperature PTFE Fiberglass Fabric And Cloth with RoHS Certificate

PTFE fabrics are made from best imported fiberglass as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coated with fine PTFE resin then make it into various of PTFE high temperature resistance cloth in different thickness and widths.


Features of PTFE  fabric:

1.  Good temperature tolerance, 24 working temperature -140 to 350°C.

2.  Non stick,easy to clear adhesives on the suface.

3.  Good chemical resistance:it can almostly resist most of chemical medicines,acids,alkalis,and salt;fireproof,lower in aging.

4.  Low coefficient of friction and dielectric constant,good insulating capacity.

5.  Stable dimension,high intensity,elongation coefficient less 5‰


Applications of PTFE  fabric:

1.   Used as varios of liners to resist high temperature ,such as microwave liner,over liner,or other liners.

2.   Used as stick liners intermediate.

3.  Used as various conveyor belts,fusing belts,sealing belts or anywhere need resisting high temperature,non stick,chemical resistance etc.

4.  Used as covering or wrapping material in petroleum,chemical industries,as wrapping materal,insulating material,high temperature resistance material in electrical industries,desulfurizing material in power plant etc

PTFE Adhesive Tape,

material: fine glassfiber coat double PTFE

color: brown, black, beige, white

adhesive: agreed one side

thickness: 0.08-0.3mm

width: 0.01-1.2m

length: 10-50m

OEM & customized sizes are agreed

packing in rolls, pallets or crates

For more data & information, pls mail to

When you enquiry, pls confirm the color, size and quantity

Item Color Thickness Max Width Weight Tensile Strength Temperature
3A3008B08 brown 0.08mm 1250mm 150g/m² 180/140N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W08 white 0.08mm 1250mm 150g/m² 180/140N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M08 beige 0.08mm 1250mm 150g/m² 180/140N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H08 black 0.08mm 1250mm 150g/m² 180/140N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008B13 brown 0.13mm 1250mm 260g/m² 290/260N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W13 white 0.13mm 1250mm 260g/m² 290/260N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M13 beige 0.13mm 1250mm 260g/m² 290/260N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H13 black 0.13mm 1250mm 260g/m² 290/260N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008B15 brown 0.15mm 1250mm 300g/m² 310/260N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W15 white 0.15mm 1250mm 300g/m² 310/260N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M15 beige 0.15mm 1250mm 300g/m² 310/260N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H15 black 0.15mm 1250mm 300g/m² 310/260N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008B18 brown 0.18mm 1250mm 330g/m² 400/360N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W18 white 0.18mm 1250mm 330g/m² 400/360N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M18 beige 0.18mm 1250mm 330g/m² 400/360N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H18 black 0.18mm 1250mm 330g/m² 400/360N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008B25 brown 0.25mm 2800mm 450g/m² 550/500N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W25 white 0.25mm 2800mm 450g/m² 550/500N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M25 beige 0.25mm 2800mm 450g/m² 550/500N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H25 black 0.25mm 2800mm 450g/m² 550/500N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008B35 brown 0.35mm 3200mm 700g/m² 650/600N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W35 white 0.35mm 3200mm 700g/m² 650/600N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M35 beige 0.35mm 3200mm 700g/m² 650/600N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H35 black 0.35mm 3200mm 700g/m² 650/600N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008B40 Brown 0.40mm 3500mm 780g/m² 820/500N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W40 White 0.40mm 3500mm 780g/m² 820/500N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M40 beige 0.40mm 3500mm 780g/m² 820/500N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H40 black 0.40mm 3500mm 780g/m² 820/500N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008B65 Brown 0.65mm 4000mm 1100g/m² 880/730N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W65 White 0.65mm 4000mm 1100g/m² 880/730N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M65 beige 0.65mm 4000mm 1100g/m² 880/730N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H65 black 0.65mm 4000mm 1100g/m² 880/730N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008B90 Brown 0.90mm 4000mm 1500g/m² 1050/950N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008W90 White 0.90mm 4000mm 1500g/m² 1050/950N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008M90 beige 0.90mm 4000mm 1500g/m² 1050/950N/cm -140 - +260°C
3A3008H90 black 0.90mm 4000mm 1500g/m² 1050/950N/cm -140 - +260°C

ptfe fabric 9013aj format-3_副本     ptfe fabric 9013aj format-1_副本

Teflon Fabrics-016     teflon fabrics-007_副本

teflon glassfiber tape-001_副本     Teflon Glassfiber Tape-047_副本

Nitto Tape-006     Nitto Tape-010


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