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Silicone Hose, Silicone Tube, Silicone Sleeve

  • 3A1003
  • Transparent, Translucent, Dark Red, Orange, Black, Milk White, Blue, Grey etc.

Description: the silicone hose, silicone tube, silicone sleeve are extruded or moulded by special silicone extruding machine or moulded machine with high quality silicone material under full sets mould of different inside diameter and outside diameter according to the request from buyers, high tensile strength, flexibility strong anti-pull and wider revise hardness range with good aging resistant, ozone resistant, heat resistant, insulation property, fuel oil resistance and lube resistance, working in the air, water or oil medium at the temperature of -60°C - +250°C. industrial grade silicone hose is made with standard extrude silicone and vulcanized with import peroxide without smell; food grade silicone hose is made with food grade transparent fumed silicone, platinum vulcanized, nonpoisonous and tasteless; medical grade silicone hose is made with medical grade transparent fumed silicone, platinum vulcanized with FDA and LFGB certificate. Apply to corona roller or transfer water, air, oil and other medium etc.


material: 100% virgin silicone material

quality: industrial grade, food grade under postcured or platinum cured

color: transparent, translucent, dark red, orange, black, milk white, blue, grey etc.

surface: smooth/smooth

fiber reinforced: insert 1-5PLY polyester fiber 

tensile strength: 7.5-9.8Mpa

hardness: 50, 60, 70, 80+/-5shore A

elongation: 350-720%

density: 1.25+/-0.05g/cm3

tear strength: 26-42N/mm

working temperature: -60°C - +250°C

wall thickness: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0mm

standard size: 

Ø2mm x Ø4mm x 5-20kgs

Ø3mm x Ø5mm x 5-20kgs

Ø4mm x Ø6mm x 5-20kgs

Ø5mm x Ø8mm x 5-20kgs

Ø6mm x Ø9mm x 5-20kgs

Ø7mm x Ø10mm x 5-20kgs

Ø8mm x Ø10mm x 5-20kgs

Ø9mm x Ø12mm x 5-20kgs

Ø10mm x Ø14mm x 5-20kgs

Ø12mm x Ø16mm x 5-20kgs

Ø14mm x Ø18mm x 5-20kgs

Ø20mm x Ø30mm x 5-20kgs

Ø30mm x Ø40mm x 5-20kgs

Ø40mm x Ø50mm x 5-20kgs

OEM & customized size are agreed

packing in rolls, bags, cartons, pallets or crates

Food grade silicone fiber hose, silicone braided hose, silicone reinforeced hose
Item silicone fiber hose, silicone braided hose, silicone reinforeced hose
Material food grade silicone material
Reinforeced braided polyester fiber
Color transparent, red, blue, black or as the buyer's request color
Surface smooth
Tensile strength 7.5-9.8Mpa
Hardness 50-70shore A
Elongation 300%
Density 1.25g/cm3
Working press 10Kgs
Minimum working temperature -30°C
Maximum working tempeerature +250°C
ID 5~32mm
Wall thickness 3~5mm
Tolerance ID less than 1/2'', ±0.3mm; ID more than 1/2'', ±0.5mm
Size id5mm x od11mm
id6mm x od12mm
id8mm x od14mm
id11mm x od17mm
id13mm x od21mm
id16mm x od24mm
id19mm x od27mm
id25mm x od35mm
id32mm x od42mm
Properties: znti-aging, erosion-endurable, high temperature resistance, anti-shock, etc.
Advantages: customized+ high performance+ high quality+ favorable price+ rich experience

Silicone Rubber Hose-037       silicone rubber hose-铂金硫化-001_副本

silicone braided hose-031_副本       Silicone Rubber Hose-129

silicone rubber hose-120_副本       Silicone Braided Hose-004

Silicone Hump Hose-004       Silicone Rubber Hose-119

Silicone tube, silicone sleeve for corona roller:

Description: the corona silicone tube, silicone sleeve are made with high quality import fume silicone material which can resistant high voltage and inflaming retarding and special for corona machine. The high voltage corona sparkle is well-proportioned, it is easy to print color on plastic film with surface activation and millipore after corona treatment. Resistant 25KV at 1mm wall thickness. Apply for the roller sleeve, high-voltage terminal, protective sleeve, flexing tubing for all kinds of corona machine.


material: 100% virgin fume silicone material

color: orange, dark red, translucent, black etc.

tensile strength: 9.8Mpa

hardness: 60-70shore A

elongation: 700%

density: 1.25g/cm3

working temperature: -60°C - +250°C

resistant: 18-25KV/mm

wall thickness: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0mm

standard size: 

Ø32mm x Ø38mm x 2-20m

Ø32mm x Ø40mm x 2-20m

Ø34mm x Ø42mm x 2-20m

Ø46mm x Ø54mm x 2-20m

Ø50mm x Ø58mm x 2-20m

Ø55mm x Ø62mm x 2-20m

Ø60mm x Ø66mm x 2-20m

Ø60mm x Ø68mm x 2-20m

Ø63mm x Ø71mm x 2-20m

Ø67mm x Ø75mm x 2-20m

Ø75mm x Ø83mm x 2-20m

Ø80mm x Ø88mm x 2-20m

Ø90mm x Ø98mm x 2-20m

Ø98mm x Ø102mm x 2-20m

Ø106mm x Ø114mm x 2-20m

Ø140mm x Ø150mm x 2-20m

Ø145mm x Ø153mm x 2-20m

Ø162mm x Ø172mm x 2-20m

OEM & customized size are agreed

packing in bags and crates

***when you enquiry, pls confirm the color, quality, hardness, size, quantity***

Silicone Sleeve-051       silicone sleeve-025_副本_副本

Silicone Rubber Hose-163       Silicone Rubber Hose-245

Silicone Sleeve-070       Silicone Rubber Hose-158

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