Polyurethane Tube, PU Tube
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Polyurethane Tube, PU Tube

  • 3A2003

  • Clear Yellow, Transparent, Orange, Red, Blue, Black etc.

Description: the polyurethane elastomeric is a new material of polymer synthetic between rubber and plastic. It has both high strength of plastic and high elasticity of rubber. Its characteristics are: 1, a wide range of hardness. It still has rubber elongation and resilience at high hardness. The polyurethane elastomeric has a hardness range of Shore A10-D80. 2. high strength. At rubber hardness, the tensile strength, tear strength and load carrying capacity are much higher than general rubber material. At high hardness, its impact strength and flexural strength are much higher than plastic material. 3, wear-resistant. Its wear resistance is very outstanding, generally in the range of 0.01-0.10cm3/1.61km, about 3-5 times than rubber material. 4, oil resistant. The polyurethane elastomeric is a highly polar polymer compound which has low affinity with non-polar mineral oil and is hardly eroded in fuel oil and mechanical oil. 5, good resistance to oxygen and ozone. 6, excellent vibration absorption performance, can do damping and buffering. In the mold manufacturing industry, it replaces rubber and springs.7, has good low temperature performance. 8, radiation resistance. Polyurethane is highly resistant to high energy radiation and has satisfactory performance at 10-10 deg radiation dose. 9, with good machining performance.

The polyurethane tube, pu tube are made by full sets moulds or extrude machine with high quality polyester, polyether or TPU. It is very good performance of chemic erode resistant, impregnant resistant, ozone resistant, radiation resistant, aging resistant, hydrolyze resistant, and high tensile strength, tear resistant, high impact resistant, high bend strength and low compression set etc. The abrasion resistant is 5 multiple more than pure natural rubber, and the oil resistant is 3-5 multiple more than NBR rubber, and have high elasticity 65% with prominent compression resistant at high temperature. Wider revise hardness range on 80-95Shore A, very good viscidity with metal material, it is a new macromolecule material with fast evolutive now. Apply to military, mine, oil field, chemical, printing, punch, paper making, spin, auto industrial etc.


material: virgin CPU or TPU of polyester or polyether

color: clear yellow, transparent, orange, red, blue, black etc.

surface: smooth/smooth

tensile strength: 25-50Mpa

elasticity impact: >25%

hardness: 80-95shore A

elongation: 400%-600%

density: 1.15-1.25g/cm3

tear strength: 35-155KN/m

akron abrasion loss:<0.05cm3/1.61km

compression set (22h*70°C):<10%

working temperature: 120°C

standard size: 

Ø2mm x Ø4mm x 200m

Ø3mm x Ø5mm x 200m

Ø4mm x Ø6mm x 200m

Ø5mm x Ø8mm x 200m

Ø6mm x Ø9mm x 200m

Ø7mm x Ø10mm x 100m

Ø8mm x Ø12mm x 100m

Ø9mm x Ø12mm x 100m

Ø10mm x Ø14mm x 50m

Ø12mm x Ø16mm x 50m

Ø14mm x Ø18mm x 50m

Ø16mm x Ø20mm x 50m

Ø8mm x Ø20mm x 400mm

Ø8mm x Ø25mm x 400mm

Ø8mm x Ø30mm x 400mm

Ø8mm x Ø35mm x 400mm

Ø8mm x Ø40mm x 400mm

Ø8mm x Ø45mm x 400mm

Ø8mm x Ø50mm x 400mm

Ø8mm x Ø55mm x 400mm

Ø8mm x Ø60mm x 400mm

OEM & customized size are agreed

packing in bags, pallets or crates

For more data & information, pls mail to sales@3Arubber.com

When you enquiry, pls confirm the hardness, color, size and quantity

pu hose-044_副本     pu hose-038_副本

pu hose-049_副本     pu hose-017_副本

pu hose-010_副本     pu hose-009_副本

pu hose-066_副本     pu hose-083_副本


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