NBR Rubber Sheet, Insulation Rubber Sheet
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NBR Rubber Sheet, Insulation Rubber Sheet

  • 3A5004

  • Black, White, Red, Grey etc.

Description: the NBR rubber sheet, nitrile rubber sheet are made by drum vulcanizer(ROTOCURE) or plate vulcanizer with high quality nitrile butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber known as NBR, Buna-N and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber is a synthetic rubber copolymer elastomer. NBR rubber are widely use in automotive and aeronautical industry to make fuel and oil seals, self-sealing fuel tanks lining. NBR ability to withstand range of temperatures from -30 to +110°C make it an ideal material for aeronautical applications. NBR rubber sheet is a nitrile base rubber sheet, providing excellent resistance to petroleum oils as well as mineral and vegetable oils. NBR rubber material is used in applications involving not only oil and fuel resistance but also those applications requiring resistance to heat, abrasion, water and gas permeability. It is resistant to weathering, sunlight and ozone. From oil rigs to bowling alleys, nitrile rubber can be the right material for your applications under excellent oil resistant, good resistance to heat and aging, good impermeability to gases, good abrasion resistance. The NBR rubber sheet is under middling hardness and high tensile strength, excellent performance of fuel oil resistance, lubricating oil resistant, safety and nontoxicity without smell. 0.5-10mm thickness made by drum vulcanizer(ROTOCURE) with shiny surface, 12-100mm thickness made by plate vulcanizer for higher thickness. Mainly working in the lubricating oil, transformer oil, gasoline at the temperature of -30°C - +100°C. Apply to punch all kinds of seals, gaskets, carburetor and fuel pump diaphragms, chemical container lining, aircraft hoses or other shapes and cover on the mechanical equipments with excellent oil resistant, good resistance to heat and aging, good impermeability to gases, good abrasion resistance, white NBR rubber sheet can be used for food grade applications.


material: virgin NBR Rubber or NBR/SBR

quality: industrial grade, food grade

color: black, white, red, grey etc.

surface: smooth/smooth, smooth/impression fabric, double impression fabric

Insertion: reinforce and insert 1-3PLY cotton, polyester, EP fabric or wire mesh SS201, SS304, SS316

tensile strength: 4-16Mpa

hardness: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80+/-5shore A

elongation: 250%-380%

density: 1.20-1.40g/cm3

working temperature: -30°C - +100°C

thickness: 0.5-100.0mm

width: 0.1-3.6m

length: 0.1-20m

OEM & customized size are agreed

packing in rolls and pallets

For more data & information, pls mail to sales@3Arubber.com

When you enquiry, pls confirm the tensile strength, hardness, color, size and quantity

Insulation sponge rubber sheet:

Insulation sponge rubber sheet is made by rubber-plastic sponge material which has low thermal conductivity, full-closed structure, and excellent continuous heat insulation. The material is completely isolated with vapor, so it has the properties of water-proof, anti-condensation and long lifetime. After SGS testing, its measured value is much lower than EU standard value on materials without toxic substances, so it is safe and healthy. Moreover, with beautiful appearance, it is easy for bending and construction, and no need of other accessories.

Distinctive advantages: 

 • Closed structure can effectively prevent thermal conduction.

 • Thermal conductivity 0.034W/m•k while 0°C. 

 • High heat emission coefficient of surface, up to 9W/m2k

 • Excellent anti-steam permeated ability; moisture resistance 5000; "built-in" steam-proof coating; the insulation board is insulating layer and moisture-proof coating as well. 

 • Excellent fireproofing; oxygen index is above 32.

 • Easy for installation. 

 • No CFC, HFC, HCFC or other materials containing fluorine, also no formaldehyde, dust or fiber

The rubber plastic insulation board has excellent fireproof performance. According to international GB/T17794-1999(Division Methods of construction material burning performance), it meet to Chinese standard GB/T17794-1999 Grade "B1" difficult-flammable material after testing, and working temperature is from -50°C to +110°C.

Application areas:

 • Refrigeration unit and equipment for air-conditioning system

 • Frozen water pipe

 • Condensing water pipe

 • Air duct and hot water pipeline


material: NBR+plastic foam

quality: B1, B2 grade

color: black

cell: close cell

surface: smooth

density: 40-45kgs/m3

standard size:

6mm x 1m x 10m

8mm x 1m x 10m

10mm x 1m x 20m

13mm x 1m x 20m

15mm x 1m x 20m

18mm x 1m x 10m

20mm x 1m x 10m

25mm x 1m x 10m

30mm x 1m x 10m

OEM & customized size are agreed

packing in rolls, pallets and crates

For more data & information, pls mail to sales@3Arubber.com

When you enquiry, pls confirm the density, size and quantity

rubber sheet-119_副本     rubber sheet-342_副本

rubber sheet-309_副本     rubber sheet-349_副本

rubber-sheet_fuben     rubber-sheet_fuben (1)

rubber plastic insulation sheet-6_副本     rubber plastic insulation sheet-3_副本


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