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Natural Rubber Sheet, Gum Rubber Sheet
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Natural Rubber Sheet, Gum Rubber Sheet

  • 3A5001
  • Black, White, Red, Beige, Brown etc.

Description: the natural rubber sheet, gum rubber sheet are made by ROTOCURE vulcanizing press or plain vulcanizing press with high quality natural rubber material(NR). The natural rubber is from the natural rubber tree or clover with middling hardness and high tensile strength, high elongation, good abrasion resistance, elasticity, safety and non-toxicity without smell. The pure natural rubber sheet is also named gum rubber sheet or para rubber sheet. 1-6mm thickness is made by ROTOCURE vulcanizing press with shiny surface, 7-80mm thickness is made by vulcanizing press for get higher thick thickness. Working under the higher pressure, wearing resistant, food grade lining status at the temperature of -35°C - +85°C in air or water. Apply to punch all kinds of seals, gaskets, lining, printing and others applications with its good function, for example of truck lining, drinking water lining, rubber membrane special for PVC vacuum laminating press.


material: pure natural rubber or NR/SBR

quality: industrial grade, food grade

color: black, white, brown, beige, red, green etc.

surface: smooth/smooth, smooth/impression fabric, double impression fabric

reinforce: insert 1-3 PLY nylon fabric, polyester fabric or wire mesh SS201, SS304, SS316

tensile strength: 2-24Mpa

hardness: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80+/-5shore A

elongation: 170%-760%

density: 1.05-1.70g/cm3

working temperature: -35°C - +85°C

thickness: 1.0-50.0mm

width: 0.1-3.6m

length: 1.0-20m

Insertion: reinforce to insert 1-3PLY fabric

natural rubber lining sheet:

top: cured natural rubber with red or black

bottom: uncured neoprene rubber with light yellow

quality: industrial grade, food grade

surface: smooth/smooth

tensile strength: 13-18Mpa

hardness: 35, 40, 65+/-5shore A

elongation: 400%-650%

density: 1.05-1.15g/cm3

working temperature: -35°C - +85°C

thickness: 1.0-25.4mm

width: 1-1.5m

length: 10-20m

special supply engarving rubber sheet apply for carton printing

special supply latex rubber sheet, latex part and seal etc.

***when you enquiry, pls confirm the tensile strength, hardness, color, size and quantity***

rubber sheet-089_副本       laser rubber sheet-35_副本

gum rubber sheet-048_副本       gum rubber sheet-057_副本

gum rubber sheet-064 - 副本_副本       gum rubber sheet-159_副本

rubber sheet-556_副本       gum rubber sleeve-012_副本

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