Silicone Gasket, Silicone Ring, Silicone Washer
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Silicone Gasket, Silicone Ring, Silicone Washer

  • 3A1005
  • Translucent, Dark Red, Black, Milk White, Blue, Grey etc.

Description: the silicone gasket, silicone ring, silicone washer, silicone seal are made with full sets mould by vulcanizing press with high quality silicone material, depend on the advanced manage, innovative technique and strict quality and size control with excellent silicone material and machine, high tensile strength, flexibility strong anti-pull, wider revise hardness range with good aging resistant, ozone resistant, heat resistant, insulation property, fuel oil resistance and lube resistance, working in the air, water or oil medium at the temperature of -60°C - +250°C, apply for all kinds of silicone gasket, silicone seal, silicone washer, silicone ring, silicone seal etc.

material: 100% virgin silicone material
quality: industrial grade, food grade
color: translucent, dark red, black, milk white, blue, grey etc.
surface: smooth
tensile strength: 7.0-9.8Mpa
hardness: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80+/-5shore A
elongation: 350-700%
density: 1.25g/cm3
tear strength: 26-42N/mm
working temperature: -60°C - +250°C
size: build mould according to the buyer's drawing
***when you enquiry, pls confirm the color, hardness, quantity and drawing***



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